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The James Fruze Dog Academy offers boarding to existing and new clients so you can have a well deserved break without having to worry about your four-legged friend. 

To find out more about our boarding options please refer to the Common Question section.

Please fill out your Boarding Enquiry and we will get in touch with you to confirm your booking based on avialablility.

Boarding Enquiry


Your Boarding Booking is NOT confirmed by filling out the Enquiry form.

One of our staff members will contact you to confirm your booking!

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Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

What are the boarding facilities like?

James does not believe in kennels unless it is an absolute last resort. All boarding dogs with James live and sleep inside the house with him as if they were his own dog. All access outside is in fully fenced areas under supervision only.

What are boarding costs?

Suitability Assessment (New Clients) + Board and train package: $1275 per dog for 1 week

Board and train package: $1100 per week per dog (existing clients)

Board stay only: $150 per day (non clients)

Board stay only: $110 per day (existing clients)

What is the difference between board stay and board training?

Board stay is a like a vacation for your dog. They will have access to large open fully enclosed areas to run, play and have a great time.

Board training is where James will work on specific behaviour issues with your dog during their stay.

Where will my dog sleep?

All boarding dog sleep inside the house with James. Furthermore, James does not have any outdoor kennels. James likes to say: "When your dog stays with me, its as if I have just adopted them and they are living with me as if they were my own dog."

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