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A dog behaviour expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience.



Dog Behaviour Expert

James Fruze has over a decade of experience in dog behaviour training. Renowned for being able to training dogs mostly without needing to speak with them, James is commonly referred to as a dog whisperer with an exceptional ability to communicate and work with dogs of all breeds and ages.

In 2018 James was diagnosed with Adult ADHD. It turns out that James actually had this long before being properly diagnosed. His incredible ability to read and interpret animal behaviours is likely a gift from his ADHD diagnosis that he has learned to harness and do as much good for the dog owning community enriching the lives of others.

"It is now very clear to me that my mission and purpose in life is to teach people how to understand and be with their dogs an a level that most people have not yet experienced. Our dog's are almost always a direct reflection of our own energy and have an incredible ability to teach us the most important lessons we as humans need to learn in life. This is so much more than dog training and I`m honored to have the opportunity to connect with people and teach them how to have the best life possible with these amazing creatures and as individuals." -James Fruze

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