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Easy to follow training videos to address most common behaviour problems.

Online Video Training Course

James Fruze is known for rehabilitating and training dogs mostly WITHOUT speaking to them. His unique approach which he describes as "a conversation of energy" has wowed all that have been taught by him. James is now taking his unique style of training and teaching it in his first online training course. 


Teaching People How To Connect

"Dogs do speak to us. The key is understanding that they are not communicating with a 'spoken language' but with energy, which essentially is body language. This is where all the miscommunication happens and many behavioural problems come from. It is my mission in life to teach the world how to speak dog so people can connect on the most instinctual level with their dog. Once I show people this and they get it, everything changes for them and they never look back. This is what I`ll be teaching in my training course"
- James Fruze


Teaching The World How To Speak Dog


Often referred to as the 'Dog Whisperer', James Fruze transforms the lives of people and the relationship they have with their dog by teaching them how to understand and communicate on a dog's instinctual level which in turn forms an unbreakable bond of loyalty and respect. James has earned the reputation of being the guy that can train any dog. In 2019 his renowned group courses sold out every month in Perth with people often waiting months to get a spot.