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Get all of James Fruze's renowned dog training techniques in one online course!
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Introducing James Fruze

Train your dog at your OWN pace

with my new online video course!

James Fruze is known for rehabilitating and training dogs mostly WITHOUT speaking to them. His unique approach which he describes as "a conversation of energy" has wowed all that have been taught by him. James is now releasing his first online video training course so you can learn from anywhere in the world about James' natural training techniques.

Suited to anyone

Whether you are a dog owner or work in the pet services industry (veterinary, trainer, walker, sitter etc) this course will give you lifetime access to the most effective handling techniques to be able to train and work with any dog. 


Learn How To 

Connect With Any Dog

"Dogs do speak to us. The key is understanding that they are not communicating with a 'spoken language' but with energy, which essentially is body language. This is where all the miscommunication happens and many behavioural problems come from. It is my mission in life to teach the world how to speak dog so people can connect on the most instinctual level with their dog. Once I show people this and they get it, everything changes for them and they never look back. In my online course, This online course has everything someone would need to know to train their dog and people will have lifetime access to this information"
- James Fruze


Do You Experience OR want to avoid any of the following behaviours?

Cross Breed dog barking, 4 years old, in

Excessive Yapping

Scared chihuahua.jpg

Fearful/Anxious Behaviour

images (9).jpg

Aggressive behaviour

images (8).jpg

Destructive behaviour

Do you want your dog to be calm and relaxed in any situation??

Most behavioural problems develop because people don't know how to communicate in a way that their dogs understand. Most anti-social behaviour problems develop due to lack of proper socialization at an early age.

I`ll show you how to completely understand your dog and how to give them the best life possible...

This is a online course is specifically designed for ANY dog of any age and breed. This is a unique course that will give you an insight into how your dog experiences their world. It will teach you how to give your dog the best chance at succeeding in social situations and learn essential obedience skills to address any concerns you have about your dog's behaviour. You will learn invaluable knowledge on how to achieve a balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog.

What will you learn in this online course?

The fundamentals of dog psychology.

How to read a dog's body language.

How to use your energy to influence a dog's behaviour.

How to avoid aggressive interactions when socializing dogs. 

How to stop leash reactivity.

How to stop a dog pulling on the lead.

How to create and maintain Rules and Boundaries.

How to reduce Fear and anxiety in a dog.

If you are in the pet services industry, this is essential training!

Your clients want someone who is confident in their abilities as a professional service provider for their dog. This course will teach you essential skills including:

How to perform a behavioural assessment on a new dog.

How to

handle aggressive/reactive dogs.

How to facilitate successful dog introductions.

How to bond with a dog in the quickest way possible.

Teaching The World How To Speak Dog


Often referred to as the 'Dog Whisperer', James Fruze transforms the lives of people and the relationship they have with their dog by teaching them how to understand and communicate on a dog's instinctual level which in turn forms an unbreakable bond of loyalty and respect. James has earned the reputation of being the guy that can train any dog. In 2019 his renowned group courses sold out every month in Perth with people often waiting months to get a spot. Now, you can have access to all of his teachings in the comfort of your own home.

"Everything you need to know about DEALING WITH any dog behaviour problem"

ALL dog behaviour problems are just a symptom of an underlying cause.

I will teach you how to identify the cause and then take you STEP BY STEP through the training process in my online video course.

*Expires 1st Feb 2020
*Release Price: $600
50% Off!