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Presented by James Fruze

Why Your Dog Doesn't Listen To You!

Sunday 23rd May | 10:30am - 12:30pm | PawPals Daycare Malaga

In 2020, James Fruze's group training courses sold out with his unique approach to dog training that focuses on energy and dog psychology. His proven techniques have been transforming the lives of his clients and their dogs as he teaches them how to use their energy to influence their dog's behaviour.

Anyone who has trained with James will notice his calm approach and his ability to be totally in tune with their dog's energy and bring out the best in both dog and owner.

Join us for a morning of fun and learning as James presents the top 3 things that most people are unknowingly doing wrong every single day which is teaching their dog NOT to listen to them.


Get an insight into his proven training techniques that he has personally developed over his career including what a dog's 'learning state' is and why it is the foundation of any training exercise you attempt with your dog.

James will also explain the structure and importance of the dog fulfillment formula and why its 3 elements are crucial to creating a calm, balanced and happy dog and how not doing this will only cause chaos in your life.

NOTE: This is a DOG FREE event!